Sensei Hamid Nam attending Master Tsurouka's seminar at Royal Military College of Canada Karate Club on 2 Nov 2013

Sensei Hamid Nam had a very valuable training with Master Tsurouka and his son Sensei David Tsurouka on Saturday 2 Nov 13 at the Royal Military College of Canada Karate Club . Master Tsurouka demonstrated how relaxed and sound techniques can take away strength and muscle power.

The second picture has a very symbolic meaning to Sensei Hamid Nam. Sensei David Tsurouka was the one who introduced Sensei Hamid to Aikido in 1994 and explained how well it went together with Karate. It was then that Sensei Hamid started as a Shodan to learn Aikido from master Kimada who ironically taught Aikido to Sensei David Tsurouka as well.

"Learn it till you forget it" Bruce Lee