About Us

Sensei Hamid Nam, a student of Taminago Sensei till 1996 and a student of Master Okuyama since 1996, has been teaching Shotokan Karate since 1994. He is a full time military member and a part time registered nurse as well. On his second tour of duty to Afghanistan in 2004 he ran a Karate club during his times off work in Camp Julien. During those seven months he trained individuals from various nationalities and martial arts backgrounds. The training focused on the use of Karate techniques; both basic and advanced level, application of those techniques for self defence, and combat arms training. He also had a chance to train with paratroopers from Belgium. Jo Frederixjo, for instance, a seventh degree Aikido practitioner, was one of the regular guests in the club. Upon return to Canada, Sensei Nam started teaching at the Rayfriel Centre.

Sensei Nam continues to teach traditional Shotokan Karate techniques at the St Columba Anglican Church. Students range from five to forty seven years of age. Sensei Nam runs a class of both adults and youngsters for fifty minutes and then carries on with only adult students for another forty minutes. The classes focus on Bunkai (application of moves), self defence, and some friendly sparing with gloves. The club is more like a big happy family where students not only learn the discipline of martial arts and self-confidence but they also learn a variety of techniques for self-defence purposes.