Sensei Hamid Nam, a 5th Dan (fifth-degree black belt) has been teaching Shotokan Karate since 1992. He was on a tour of duty in Afghanistan from June 04 to February 05 and during the times off work he ran a Karate club for seven months in Camp Julien. Upon return, he resumed teaching Karate at the St Columba Anglican Church and in September 2005 he started a new club at the Rayfriel Centre in Orleans, east end of Ottawa. Sensei Hamid Nam returned to St Columba Anglican Church in December 2006 where he can once again teach Shotokan Karate for the love of passing the art to those who are interested in this way of life. There at St Columba Anglican Church he continues to provide equal opportunity to all those who want to learn the discipline of martial arts, self defense, and want to get into better shape.

Sensei Nam

His main goal as usual has been to teach Shotokan Karate to students of all ages and by doing so spread the work of Kancho Okuyama based on the philosophy of the universal harmony; advocated by Kancho himself. Sensei Hamid's club has hosted a number of parties for the club members and their family members. As part of the tradition in these parties, Sensei Hamid presents students with the spiritual awards on behalf of Kancho Okuyama in recognition of their hard work in improving their Karate techniques and exemplary attendance despite all the unique challenges they and their family members have gone through. The members of the club are in the process of becoming true warriors by truly living up to the Dojo Kun; Seeking perfection of character.